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Parenthood has taught us it takes a village to raise a baby, and we know it’ll take just as much to get Nurture flourishing. That’s why we’re grateful for our volunteers and are eager to work with you. Please provide us with the information below so we can get started.

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    We are currently seeking new board members.

    Nurture board members are a community of people committed to creating a birth and early parenting environment that gives new families the strongest start into parenthood. They know that whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. They are creative, curious, collaborative, and courageous. They like to have fun and aren’t afraid to take calculated risks. They are willing own their mistakes and grow from lessons learned. They know it takes a village to raise healthy, happy children, and they want to be contributing members of that village. Board members commit to a three-year term and meet monthly, with the expectation that they also serve on one of Nurture’s teams (descriptions below).

    Team members love to build strategic community partnerships, sharing Nurture’s story, and supporting efforts in friend-raising, fundraising, and fostering community connections to accomplish our mission. They put the “fun” in fundraising with innovation, cheerleading and diligent follow-through.

    Team members’ strengths lie in production, promotion, and advertising. They are excellent communicators, problem solvers, understand brand development, and have an eye for beauty, with a passion for jumping in and making things happen for causes they care about.

    As an emerging not-for-profit, Nurture seeks CPAs or others with accounting/finance experience who can help systematize our financials from the ground up.

    Team members excel at planning, operationalizing, and evaluating existing or proposed programs that improve the health and wellbeing of childbearing families through fitness, education, social support, and community engagement. 

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