Julie Sanders

Julie Sanders is a wife, mother and member of a large extended family. Originally from Boston, Julie lived in Richmond for 14 years before relocating to Boulder Colorado in the spring of 2013.
Without family close by, Julie found incredible support during her pregnancy, birth and early parenting years through connections she made at OmMama. This positive experience inspired her to contribute her time, energy and experience to help form the non-profit organization Nurturerva.org
Before starting a family, Julie spent 15 years in the advertising, marketing and branding industry, working as a commercial art producer with The Martin Agency for over ten years and, prior to that, in Boston, working with major product, service and consumer-focused companies. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Business Communications from Bentley University, Julie has continued her studies in leadership, management and non-profit development.
Julie is the mother of a child on the autism spectrum and has a deep concern for this and other environmental related illnesses increasing in our younger population. Today, coupled with her advisory role with Nurture, Julie is getting involved in the Boulder environmental conservation community with plans to start her own business focused on re-use, up-cycling and sustainably responsible consumption with a resale boutique and experiential learning studio for kids.

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