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What happens when people pool their energy and resources in support of a vision?

Dreams start to take shape.

We are humbled to have launched our first fundraising campaign and find that so many people in our community are willing to put their trust in our vision – a vision for a dedicated maternity resource center focused on improving the health and wellbeing of Richmond’s childbearing families.

Because Nurture is in the start-up phase of organizational development, we don’t yet have an extensive track record. Though we have taken small, well measured steps toward our vision of a dedicated maternity center through the launch of our first pre- and post-natal yoga classes and our first professional development event this month, we can’t tell our donors that $100 will provide x number of services for x number of people. We’re simply not there . . . . yet. Our work is still foundational in nature. So we are truly grateful to our first donors for putting your faith in our efforts.

To put our dream in motion – to be able to provide programs and services, to develop community engagement projects that improve the systems that serve our childbearing families, we need to have a solid financial underpinning. It takes money in the bank to be able to commit to a lease (which would enable us to launch more classes), purchase necessary insurance, pay qualified instructors to provide services, or provide scholarships so that those services are available to childbearing families at every economic level.

It takes people who are willing to help us build a strong and durable infrastructure that will allow our vision to flourish over the long haul. Willing to assist us in doing the heavy lifting that is a necessary part of any beginning.

Our 100 x $100 donors are those people.

We cannot thank you enough for being the cornerstones of our organization.

The 100 x $100 Cornerstone Club

  1. Robin Lawson, BSN
  2. Tasha Tolliver
  3. Elizabeth Furgurson
  4. Robert Traylor
  5. Lisa Danish
  6. Elizabeth Cleveland
  7. Kristen Calleja
  8. Heather Sorensen
  9. Aimee McNulty
  10. Tracey Blackwell
  11. Jen Stiffler
  12. Abigail Winter-Lewis
  13. Kelsey Salley
  14. Maria Candler
  15. Beth Gray
  16. James Shield
  17. Amanda Tornabene
  18. Heather McLees-Frazier
  19. Robert & Leslie Lytle
  20. Jennifer Jurlando (in honor of Perry’s 8th Birthday)
  21. Christine Isaacs, MD
  22. Thérèse Hak-Kuhn
  23. Nancy Giglio, CNM
  24. Kathryn Beaton, CNM
  25. Robert Bauby
  26. Diane Bauby
  27. Kara Barr
  28. toLabor
  29. Melanie Barr
  30. Margaret DeZinno
  31. Laura Smith
  32. Amanda Riley
  33. Gunes Hopson
  34. Tracey Spahr Wingold
  35. Diana Vincelli
  36. SilverHammer
  37. Richmond Doulas
  38. Christopher Spahr
  39. Gauri Gulati, MD
  40. Keith Bell & Josh Sessions
  41. Julie Sanders
  42. K. M. Lewis (In honor of Nancy Giglio)
  43. Jennifer Dyson
  44. Brett Stone
  45. Micki Blue Parr
  46. Tara Casey
  47. Brooke Spears
  48. William Wortmann
  49. Rhythm
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    & All The Saints Fund

  50. The Hull Foundation
  51. Kathy Hoverman
  52. William Streicker, MD
  53. Sarah Pluot
  54. Gayle Schrier Smith, MD
  55. Ron Herrsche
  56. Erin Fratkin
  57. Greg & Donna Silvestri
  58. Kristine Wells
  59. Sandra Spahr
  60. Cathy Nault
  61. Iris Co.
  62. Nicole Link-Troen
  63. Donna Barr
  64. Claiborne Riley
  65. Dee Pattee
  66. Linda Bozzuto
  67. Hip to Be Round
  68. Richmondmom.com
  69. Health Offerings
  70. Ruth Morrison
  71. Lynn Burgess
  72. Cecilia Barbosa
  73. Sarah Kye Price
  74. Diane Wilson

  75. Donna Joyce

  76. Stacy Buchanan

The 100 x $100 campaign, our first fundraising campaign, in ongoing until we reach 100 donor or $10,000, whichever comes first. We will continue to update this honor roll throughout the campaign.

Nurture the Future: By joining Nurture’s 100 x $100 campaign you’ll be a cornerstone of an organization that is building a healthier, more resilient future for our community’s mothers, fathers, and children.



Thank you so much for your support.

Nurture is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.

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