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Last month, you met our first Five Questions star, Laurinda Davis. Now, for round two!

Meet Christine Issacs, M.D., medical director of midwifery services at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center and an associate professor of OB-GYN at VCU. She shares what makes her tick and some wisdom for choosing a care provider during pregnancy.

1. What drew you to the field you’re in?

The ability to work with girls and women of all ages throughout their lifetime.  The ability to develop meaningful, empowering relationships while searching for answers (academically) that promote women’s health.

2. What part of your daily work inspires you the most?

The variety of the job.  Never a dull moment.  Never the same thing twice!

3. How can RVA keep moving forward as great place for childbearing families?

By supporting programs like Nurture!

4. If you could share one piece of wisdom with childbearing families or professionals who serve them, what would it be?

Do your homework!  Surround yourself with care providers and a hospital system that is aligned with your personal birth philosophy, whatever it might be. Find the birthplace/community that will embrace what you are looking for — then trust them to guide you! Be open to the idea that pregnancy and birth are a journey about letting go, but believing in what you can accomplish.

5. Tell us about one of your favorite accomplishments.

I hope it hasn’t happened yet.  To be continued …

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