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To the many people who donated, posted, tweeted, or otherwise supported our efforts during yesterday’s Amazing Raise – THANK YOU!!! What an AMAZING day yesterday was. We are truly humbled by your support and generosity.

Starting a nonprofit, like parenting an infant, can be hard, tiring, and tedious work. Sometimes the goal can seem so very far away. But then come days like yesterday when you feel the support of the village, and joy and hope start rolling in.

You have renewed our faith that we can establish a resource center that provides services for childbearing families at all income levels. That can serve as a hub for advocacy and outreach for expecting and new families. That can help RVA become a more mother, baby, and family friendly city.

Campaign Highlights

  • You raised $6345 for Nurture in just 36 hours.
  • We asked for your help and your showed up. In a big push to win the $2000 Raise the Roof prize, over $2000 in donations came in within one hour.
  • Though we did not win that prize, we were within the top five contenders.

Screenshot 2015-09-17 11.59.55

  • Richmond led the way in donations, but gifts came from as far away as Washington, Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, California, Colorado, Louisiana, North Carolina, Arizona, Mississippi, New Jersey, Connecticut,  Florida, and Washington DC.
  • With the support of 111 donors, we came in at 35th out of more than 600 organizations in terms of the number of individual donations.

It seems fitting that just 30 minutes after the close of the Amazing Raise, we launched  our first facilitated breastfeeding support group in an urban neighborhood, RVA Breastfeeds – Northside. Your support ensures that we will continue to build our capacity to provide this and other programs targeted to expecting and new families in RVA.

We truly believe that the services Nurture provides and will offer in the future have the potential to impact the health and wellbeing of families in our city and surrounding areas in tremendous ways. Thank you for joining with me and the board, committees, and volunteers of Nurture in building the foundation for our vision.

Step by step, dollar by dollar, and brick by brick, together we are raising a roof for Nurture.

With deep gratitude,

Leslie Lytle – Executive Director

Keith Bell – Board Member
Thérèse Hak-Kuhn – Board Member
Tracey Spahr Wingold – Board Member
Jenny Stevens – Board Member
Tasha Tolliver – Secretary
Cristin Traylor – President
Jane Van Ostern – Board Member
Alexis Willard – Treasurer

Honor Role of Donors

Thomas Sakats

Portia Chan

David Chan

Cheryl Marschak

Samieh Shalash

Jennifer Janus: In honor of Portia Chan

Heather Bauby

Sara Mackey

Diana Thompson Vincelli

Jennifer Amos: In honor of Nancy Giglio

Family Massage & Wellness Center

Anonymous Gift: In honor of Tracey Wingold

MyBirth LLC

Kay McKinney

Neal Sellars

Peggy Dezinno

Kristin Walinski

Claire Sadeghzadeh

Elizabeth Furgurson

Nancy Tolliver

Pedro Simon

Jenny Larkum

Amanda Tornabene: In honor of Linda Kunz

Leslie Lytle: In memory of Margaret Frances Price

Stacy Hull: In honor of Tracey Wingold

Rose Buckelew

Stuart Lytle

Robert Lytle: In memory of Eleanor Knowlton Lytle

Barbara Chapman

Gauri Gulati

Tasha Tolliver

Young-ja Jung: In honor of Portia Chan

Jane Hermann

Acar Ayara

Tara Casey

Heather Stevenson

Rachael Deane

Elizabeth Creasey

Julie Sanders: In honor of Richmond Community Moms

Jenny Breen

Matthew Stone

William Streicker

Sam & Gwen Knowlton

Heather Simon

Matthew and Susan Grice: In honor of Alexis Williard

Casey Freeman

Christopher Spahr

Mary Alice Kolonay

Alexis Willard

Kari Hyman

Burke Willard: In honor of My beautiful wife Alexis

Susan Bond

Anonymous Gift

Mary Beth Cox

Sarah Boehm

Sally Pluot

Gail Christie

JoanElaine Justice

Cecilia Barbosa

Kirsten Vroman: In honor of Tracey Wingold

Ann Deaton

Kristen Calleja

Rebecca Boncal

Cristin Traylor

Monica Chan

Cole Traylor

William Wortmann

Nancy and Bruce Willard: In honor of Alexis Willard

Linda Jordan

Maria Candler

Doug Hartog

Stephen Davidson

Sally Burford

Keith Bell

Giles Smith

Rhiannon Jacobsen

Ken and Robin Hurst

Anna Bender

Chris Klose

Teresa Wingold

David Addison

Jane Van Ostern

Edith Smith

Paulette Willard: In honor of Virginia and Margaret Willard

Lyman Coffey

Judith Madeux

Margaret Friedenberg

Anonymous Gift: In honor of our dear friend Jenny Stevens.

Tracey Wingold

Dana Mullins

Connelia Savage

Therese Hak-Kuhn

Timothy Beczkowski

Francis Chan

Erica Snyder

Wendy Youngblood: In honor of Portia Chan

Leigh Stapleton: In honor of Alexis Willard!

Deb Willard: In honor of alexis willard

Janet Wills

Kristin VanStory

Melissa Bass

Stacy Murphy

Mary Jane D’Arville

Jen & Josh Davis

Mohammad Kaddoura

Pete Heiberger: In honor of Sonni Gittelman

Samantha Best

Helen Gill

Elizabeth McKenna

Raymond McKinney: In honor of Tasha

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